Director Commentary:

Some of my greatest ideas or story lines come from some of the most bizarre the case of "Tickle Me Angry" it started years ago when Elmo was just hot on the scene I would sit back and get a kick out of the commercial and the laughter from this creature; it was so infectious that I actually wanted to purchase one for myself but too embarrassed mainly because I don't have children and I knew once I stepped foot in the childrens department and placed Elmo near the young female cashier she would be compelled to call child services.  I eventually managed to trick my sister into getting me one and have had it since.  


The idea:  Fast forward several years later, slightly over my Elmo craze, I caught a glimpse of the little creature in my bedroom, and like bolt of lightening the story unfolded in my head as a question "What if someone denied their spouse or mate sex because they were getting it on with a stuffed animal?" From there I ran to my computer and wrote the "Tickle Me Elmo" script in about 20 minutes.  It is frightening how easy it came to me.


I am pretty satisfied with the finished product and the great camera work of Juan Avilez...particularly the scene where the boyfriend is running after his girlfriend towards the end.  When I watched it for the first time I realized the importance of a good Director Of Photography. 


My biggest challenge was getting Lori Trimble to be surprised when she caught Noel with Elmo.  But overall I enjoyed the fact that everyone was so on board...Noel Orput's willingness to embrace such a bizarre situation without any reservations allowed me to relax and feel comfortable in that tiny perversed world we created.

Starring: Noel Orput, Lori Trimble

Tickle Me Angry

Adultery is NOT the WORST that can happen.


directed by: DONALD COLLINS