“Venessa loves to drink before interviewing. Something about.. her “talent is from within the bottle”. Her words obviously. She did get funnier and funnier.. as we went on.. So that was impressive if anything. And Juan never paid any attention.. He just kept taking instagram pictures? He’s a loser. Funny! But a loser.”


Cast and Crew

Blog / Notes / Behind The Scenes:

About the show

                Host / writer  

Juan Avilez

Ceejay Avilez

Venessa Peruda

writer / director

Exec Producer / DP

June of 2012 - Juan watches the first season of Vanessa’s “The Shitty Talk Show”. Calls her up soon after and says they should “Bring it back to life.. but do it better”. Venessa, somewhat intrigued responded “I would never work with you again.. Unless.. only if you paid me 100 bucks.” And thus began the NEW SEASON of The Shitty Talk Show. Both agreeing to jump to SEASON 8.. to some how give them an edge... and feeling of being in their prime.

The Hiring of Ceejay “Knucklehead” Avilez was immediate.  Not because he had already taped a city skyline in his living room.. but because we knew he could be a terrific camera man as well as a body guard. 

We constantly went to a diner to write. Possibly every greasy spoon we could think of. Venessa would look at my notes and re-do them because she said my writing of “notes” are un-readable. She said my writing looks like “Some kind of CIA, chicken scratch code.”


On location: Hollywood Blvd. - instagraming pics and working the show

The super bad ass set of The Shitty Talk Show.

When actors don’t show up.. we make it work.

Best interview I’ve ever done.

- Venessa

Joke discussions and drinking.

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I will never work with Venessa or Ceejay again. They are both taxing individuals. They drink waaaay too much. They always made fun of me.. and they just suck monkey balls. In this picture to the left.. I want to just punch her in the neck.


Juan:  I got to Ceejay’s place about 9am, the call time was 10. This guy will always answer his cell. No matter what. He picks up. I called him angrily, repeatedly about 8 times. I spilled my coffee waiting for him in the apartment complex’s lobby. Venessa shows up about 9:30 and we both just waited.. cleaning my coffee spillage. I assumed he was hung over. 10:AM rolls around and someone was nice enough to let me in the main entrance.. I knock on the door.. and just try the door knob.. it opens.. I run in assuming he’s asleep.. He’s not in his room and I almost slip on throw up in the main hallway. I figure.. He’s partied too hard.. puked his guts out and was taken to the hospital. I call his roommate, girlfriend.. anyone who might of been with him. He is no where? Nothing.. I started to freak out.. The bitch of it is.. I had a bad dream about him telling me he had to go away some place.. Sooo naturally I started to think.. ‘Oh shit.. his ghost visited me last night.” Venessa must of thought I was going crazy.. and possibly worried we were not going to get any shooting done?

DAY 1 - “Is my Brother Dead?’

Venessa:    If you’re going to work with knuckle-heads… this is what you’re going to get. We did shoot that day, check out Episode 3. Pure Gold.”

Ceejay:     I swear I was told the call time was 11AM. So I was not late. In FACT I was ten minutes early. The PUKE was from a friend who I let stay the night, while I crashed at my girlfriends place. My phone was dead. But it all kind of worked out. .. Kind of. I mean we got to Hollywood and got to see a “SlutWalk” for Peet’s sake. A freaking “SlutWalk”.

Ron Burgundy



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“I didn’t drink before ALL of the interviews,  just the ones we taped.”



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