“Hollywood Blvd. and

Costume Characters”

Musicians / Hipsters?


Venessa Peruda wanted her own talk show about the truth of Hollywood. She could’ve put in... 8 - 12 years of her time perfecting her standup comedy, continued to wait tables, as she got small but important roles on the hottest shows, until she finally made her way to prime time TV…  OR! She could just make her own SHITTY TALK show now, and put it on the interWeb. Guess what bitches.. She ain’t waiting. She just went ahead and did it! Boom! Check the episodes below.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

“Spanking NEWbies”

Where do these actors come from? Space?

Video Specials

“Parking & Traffic in Hell-LA”

Full Cookie Monster Interview

Full Mini T Interview

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Venessa takes a shit on a star

Making a shitty sign stick.

Bonus Episode

La Vida Liquor-Liquor Store

Classic Season 1 Episode

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