The original Proletariats. 2001 - 2005.


Zeke                Rob                Juan                 Kris                    Dave                Noel              Michelle           Simone              Scott           Rosemary    

All talented and all with a unique creative insight to each project. But, like all up and coming bands, companies and zombies, people come and go. By end of 2005, the remaining members were physically split from Los Angeles to New York. Being divided a cross the country, a creative split happened well. Because of “Creative differences”, “Ego Clashes”, “Name calling and “Theft  Accusations”, both sides decided to split for good and become separate entities.

“When your starting out. And your able to bounce ideas off people who are more talented than you are.. It’s an amazing experience, that I’m sure I took for granted at the time. It was a great way for me to get started.”                                                                         - JUAN