“Fatigue” commercial

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“What NOT to say during an Interview”

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Cougar Shoot

New Music Video by Juan Avilez

Bitter Wind extended

New Music Video by Darkness.

“Become Spider-Man” commercial

“Batmans Milk” short sketch / bootleg

“AKIRA” short film / Trailer

“Liar” short film

Skinnie Magazine photo shoot

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“Me and Ron” short film

“Ben Affleck’s Body Double?”

  Men For Hire - web series 

“Far East Movement” Behind the Scenes

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New Web Series coming 2016

    “Tickle Me Angry” short film

“Abort it!” Men For Hire - web series 

“Hollywood Blvd. & Costume Characters”

         The Shitty Talk Show - Ep.3

Comic Con 2014

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