"Buckle Me Up!" Movement Founder, Tiffany Westrich, experienced a taste of actress life this past weekend while starring in the 3-part web commercial series entitled, "Rheumatoid Arthritis:  It's Time You Understood."  Ms. Westrich explains, "There is so much confusion between "arthritis" and "autoimmune arthritis".  We felt this story was necessary to provide a better understanding of the differences.  Rheumatoid Arthritis has signature characteristics, such as intense rigidity in motion that prevents performing the simplest of tasks.  Often this rigidity occurs in the morning and lasts thirty minutes or longer, making it quite difficult to get out of bed.  In addition to arthritis symptoms, autoimmune arthritis diseases cause flu like symptoms and obnoxious fatigue, due to the immune system going haywire.  It truly delves into an entirely new realm of disability and emotional defeat."

The "Buckle Me Up!" Movement hired Los Angeles based independent film company, GuerrillaWorks, to take on the challenge of creating a series that showcased some of the emotional struggles and frustrations Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers face on a day to day basis They felt that the GuerrillaWorks creative team Juan Avilez (Director) and Andreana Davies (Director of Photography) would focus on not only the emotional chord, but the general awareness that seems to be absent from the illness.  The videos were not intended to be viewed as Public Service Announcements, which educate about specific disease qualities.  Rather, they were created for the viewer who has no idea what Rheumatoid Arthritis is.  And this market historically hasn't yet sat up and taken notice.  Maybe by showing them something intiguing, something mysterious and something that makes them want to go to the website to learn more is the direction to take?  According to Ms. Westrich, "The philosophy is if the old way hasn't worked for decades, we can't keep going down the same path.  We're taking a risk by changing things up, but most great successes occurred by taking big risks!"

According to the "Buckle Me Up!" Movement leaders, and the viewers who had no idea what RA was all about, they succeeded!

Ms. Westrich may not have been able to escape for the day into a pain-free body, but she was able to participate in showing an untold story, experienced by millions of people each day.  Perhaps soon more people will begin to understand. 

The first part of this 3-part series is scheduled to air on YouTube prior to September 1st.   To learn more about GuerrillaWorks, please visit their website at www.GuerrillaWorks.net.

Ever dream of being a movie star for the day?  You'd wake up and roll out of bed, travel to the set where you could escape into a new look and alternate persona. 

But what if the performer has Rheumatoid Arthritis, as does the character, and the plot  focuses on telling the story of the struggles RA sufferers face? You may have an actress who moves slowly and would not be able to escape into a body that is free from disability...but you would have an honest interpretation of living through a day with RA.

Sneak preview from commercial scene.  Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers face a daily reality that they will likely endure struggle and frustration during the day.

Please view all 3 spots below and by all means forward this to everyone you know.  It's time THEY understood too!