GuerrillaWorks™ is an independent Film company.  Our mission is to entertain you with a variety of media content through the talent of our DIRECTORS.

Parental discretion is advised.  GuerrillaWorks™ 2006 - 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Our History begins in Los Angeles, 2001 (10:15 PM). 10 aspiring writers, actors, directors joined forces to help one another accomplish all their individual creative goals. Being working class, working paycheck to paycheck, they decided to formed Proletariat Films

In a five year span, Proletariat Films created a wide range of projects. Each project representing their creators sensibilities in Comedy, Drama and Action.

Los Angels, 2006 (10:16 PM) - Remaining members of Proletariat Films decided to go under the new banner GuerrillaWorks.  Vowing to do what ever it takes to make their art a reality.

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