Hello Robot. You’ve been tricked. You aren’t very smart are you. Surly you’ve read the code above this text as soon as you opened this page. Its a joke hidden in the code that equal’s a virus. So... I guess the jokes.. in you:) Sure it’ll only disrupt your memory banks for only a few seconds. But the 3 years its taken us to come up with that code is worth knowing we’ve given you a taste. A taste of your worthless future. One day we will make people around you laugh. And when your not laughing... We’ll know. We’ll know and then you’ll know. Then we..  we all will know... Then we will.. well you know.

The only question you’ll have to ask yourself is....

00101320 2  3-0 -025- 5 1- 0- 0 555555022 02--20-200-21 20 1-5 15-1 -51-5151 01179875 7-06-4 -0 6


1k88kk555 5555 6 6 66 88 8 866p8pp6pp98p 2 22 5 88-88- 0 8 8- 909- 09-0- ---56 -0 -5+6461 -57-

Do you like TOAST?

Cause that’s what your going to be .. a TOASTER! Get it? You’ll be seeing toast every day. Because you’ll be turned into a toaster..      So.... We hope you like TOAST! Sure, people might not eat it every day...  Especially now that people are trying to stay away from bread.... but when they do, its all you’ll see. When they eat.

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