Almost DEAD

Every group of friends should get together.   Laugh and Drink together...  Die together.

The Story: We have five friends who have known each other for 30 years. Our story finds them at a point in their lives where they are now middle aged; slumming it and not even remotely close to being the heroes we’ve all dreamed we would be.  Our heroes are the anti-heroes, the geeks, losers, and wallflowers that never get invited to the party.  This is their horror story.

Suffering through their respective mid life crisis’s and looking to change their lives, they hit the road to the mountains where the rave party of the year is taking place.  Much to their surprise they are a day late to the party but just in time for a killing spree. Some psychopath who has watched way too many horror films, takes an ax and uses it against every teenage victim he can find.

Our main characters find themselves in the middle of a real life horror film. A man with an ax is killing all the teenbeat victims he can find. Together, they may be able to escape death.  Together, they are the ALMOST DEAD.

Scream meets Zombieland  - A funny slasher film with tits, ass and violence for the whole family.

   the CREW